Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My child has ADHD, what did they put in the food?

My child has ADHA what should I do? This was the question we received in our latest email. If you asked just 35 years ago what Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was most people including doctors would have no idea what you were talking about, this is not the case today; the food today also looks a whole lot different than it did 35 years ago. We have become a chemical and drug culture and this is reflected in what has been put into the food by the manufacturers, we have accepted the fact that the Food and Drug Administration will allow danger chemicals in the foods and sadly we do nothing about this. Amazingly a study from Perth has confirmed that this illness is a modern day creation.

Why are chemicals in your food?

The main reasons chemicals are added to your food (aspartame, sucralose and high fructose corn syrups) are the same reasons most clothing items worldwide are made in China, it is a cheaper alternative. The difference is that when you purchase an inexpensive shirt from China you may lose your money quickly as the shirt may fall apart quickly but when cheap food chemicals are added to the diet they create illness. We have a generation of children and adults who are simply grossly overweight and many cannot concentrate, the chemicals in the foods play a large part in the creation of our modern day illnesses. Did you know steroids are added to the beef in the United States? Steroids in the beef has been linked to early menstrual cycles in girls and also ADHD. The average age when the menstrual cycle began was 12 to 13 years old in 1965, today the average age for beginning the menstrual cycle is 9 or 10 years old. When a mother says “My child has ADHD” it is impoertant to know that our modern day food supply creates illnesses.

Big money leads to bigger lies

When companies make billions of dollars off artificial sweeteners they are also prepared to fight every study that says the sweeteners are dangerous, the food manufactures insist that chemicals in the food are safe but this is simply not the case.  Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder is largely a modern creation, big money means bigger lies and it is here that the consumer loses the fight.

More Lies

If we simply think back to the 1960's the tobacco companies denied for decades that cigarettes caused cancer, they denied this fact despite researchers, studies, doctors and scientists confirming that cigarettes did indeed cause cancers. The tobacco companies held their position and even paid scientist to debunk any studies showing that cigarettes were dangerous, some tobacco companies even said cigarettes were healthy!

Australian Study confirms are diet has created ADHD

Perth's Telethon Institute for Child Health and published in Journal of Attention Disorders showed a directly link between our American diet and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. It was clear that it was indeed the chemicals that have created the illness. According to Doctor Oddy

We found a diet high in the Western pattern of foods was associated with more than double the risk of having an ADHD diagnosis compared with a diet low in the Western pattern, after adjusting for numerous other social and family influences," Dr Oddy said.

The study author also confirmed what we have been saying in this post

Dr. Oddy continued “Western diet might contain more colours, flavours and additives that have been linked to an increase in ADHD symptoms”

It is time we take charge of our own heath and this starts by removing the chemicals from your diet that cause diabetes,obesity and ADHD. The FDA will not protect you, as soon as you understand this you will be on the right road to healing. There has been a huge consequence for accepting our chemical laced diet, for example millions of parents today are reporting  “My child has ADHD” when virtual no one knew this illness in the 1980's, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a modern day creation.

Where does the chemical trail lead us? “Childhood obesity, Childhood diabetes, Attention deficit disorder and more”

There is some good news, An insulin resistant diet in over 17 countries has been reversing ADHD in children and obesity in adults 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Have a Coke and a smile?...If you blinked you missed their trick

We are living in a very different time then 75 years ago when Coca cola first started, what was once natural is not natural any longer, when it comes to your food you better know what (They) the Food and Drug administration is doing. The makers of Coca Cola have decided to finally response to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in much of the country. This is in fact a worldwide issue that effects Europe and Australia as well. The Soda industry has been curiously silent and patient in their response.

Coke has finally responded by speaking about the calories in their soda. This is a clever move because it hides the real issue which is the chemicals in their diet soda. Aspartame is a very dangerous chemical and it is in every can of diet soda. It is in diet coke, Diet Pepsi and Diet Snapple. It has been linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity and more. The position of the FDA is “ We do not believe there is enough poison to harm you”We do not believe aspartame stays in the body” We are not kidding that is the their statement.

But Spanish researchers showed that it does

A Study from the University of Barcelona in Spain revealed that aspartame does in fact build up in the tissues of the body. They confirmed that aspartame was converted to Formaldehyde( a poison in the body) The conclusion of the study was that Aspartame( in all Diet soda) was a health hazard.

Study conclusion below

It is concluded that aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard because of its contribution to the formation of formaldehyde adducts.

Now anything that makes billions of dollars can afford to have researchers tell you that it is safe even crack cocaine. Do you know how much Diet Soda Americans consumed last year. 43 Billion cans in the USA! Yet the people have become fatter! The human body does not do well on chemicals. Food should not contain chemicals that fake being sweet. The healthiest sweetener is plain old sugar (used in moderation there is no comparison) Yet parents are allowing their children to consume sucralose( Splenda) and aspartame diet soda. You cannot lose weight on chemicals (Fake food).

What Coke did: Coke fooled you, calories are what they talked about. Sugar was also mentioned briefly. This is all talk and nothing will change. People will still drink their diet soda because they want it not because it is healthy. Diet Soda will not help you lose weight and it will not help a diabetic. Corporations are in business to make Billions. The only way to fight back is to not drink the chemicals. They only listen to sales not letters. Spread the word about the chemicals in diet sodas and all diet drinks.

Monday, January 14, 2013

High blood sugar? What should I eat

High blood sugar is a horrible illness so when the question “what should I eat?” is addressed it is extremely important to make the right choice. Diabetes is one of the most devastating illnesses in the world today, it is also growing at an unprecedented rate. Your choice of food is a very serious matter with high blood sugar and the “what should I eat” question must be considered carefully each day. There are over 26 million in the United States living with this illness and this is causing serious health complications to many. Diet is very critical in reversing diabetes but the foods that many are choosing may be doing more harm than good.

Confusion over good and bad foods

We have addressed the issue of dangerous diet soda in previous posts but it is very important to understand that the sweetener aspartame is not only in diet soda. There are literally thousands of produces on the market with this fake sweetener. Most people are not aware of the dangers that aspartame does to the cells of the body; this sweetener is not a good thing at all. Researchers have shown that diet soda causes weight gain high blood sugar food   Sadly, the problem does not end with diet soda, in fact, the fake sweeteners in diet sodas are just the tip of the iceberg. As you will see the question "what should I eat with high blood sugar" can be a very confusion question. 

Let us say you want a breakfast which includes pancakes(This is fine, do not believe you cannot eat tasty food with diabetes).

If you are having pancakes you may go for the sugar free syrup(sweetened with fake sugars). Did you know that the sweetener changes your cells to hold fat on the body? Many are not aware of this and aspartame is in every sugar free syrup in your market. That is what aspartame does, it causes your cells to change and hold fat. Diabetics wondering to themselves “what should I eat with high blood sugar” are reaching for sugar free and this is can make the illness worst.

The dangers of this sweetener goes way deeper than this site can touch on in a single post. What you need to know is that there are supposedly healthy foods that will keep you ill and make your body worst. Do not assume that the foods are good just because the label says sugar free.There is not one safe artificial sweetener on the market today. The best sweetener is the one from nature, good old cane sugar. In moderation it is the only choice, the bad rap on sugar is because people use un-natural amounts.  When used correctly that which is natural like cane sugar will always be the best choice. What should I eat with high blood sugar? Always remember to stay natural and your body will thank you for it. 1,000 overweight people in a recent study lost the weight in Europe by using a diabetic diet, why would people without high blood sugar lose weight on a diabetic diet? All weight loss is in the blood sugar, this is what boxers and Olympic athletes have known  for years. 

 The only European diet shown to reverse Type 2 diabetes and cause weight loss in non diabetics  in 17 countries See here Reverse Type 2 diabetes Today

Friday, January 11, 2013

High blood sugar food? What you should say away from

Food and high blood sugar go together, it is clear that there are foods that you certainly should not eat. There is much confusion surrounding what is really effective when eating with this illness, this confusion leaves you ill and at danger from the most punishing illness in the world today which is diabetes. The right food for high blood sugar can make the difference between reversing the illness or losing the body.

What excessive glucose does

Glucose is needed in the body but in excess it is a poison to the cells of your body, this point is emphasized on this site because it is not mentioned enough in diabetic literature. Your pancreas is pumping out high levels of insulin in an attempt to remove the excess glucose from your bloodstream. If you have pre diabetes or high glucose your pancreas is getting tired of releasing the insulin, it is giving out. The high levels of glucose are too much for the body to fight each day. This is how the body losses the fight. This is why the cells die and the organs suffer. The flood of Glucose is a march pounding enemy that does not let up. What is the result? Diabetic blindness, Diabetic amputation, kidney failure and heart disease. This is why you must know which food to stay away from; high blood sugar food should heal not hurt

I am amazed at how many diabetics think a diet soda or low fat food will reverse the illness. This will never stop the punishing blood glucose. If switching to a diet soda really helped do you think your pancreas would have to fight this hard to remove the glucose? Diet soda is a chemical creation that makes uncountable millions of dollars for the soda maker. It can not help you against diabetes and can even hurt you. Diet soda has a chemical called Aspartame that is not good at all. We highly advise you to stop drinking it. Diet soda causes you to gain weight not lose weight. This was revealed by the University of Maryland. Isn’t it amazing that as more people drink diet soda the higher the diabetes rate goes.

Only a healing diet can reverse a powerful enemy like high glucose. The average diabetic diet cannot reverse the illness, only a powerful healing diet can give your pancreas a break and give you a normal insulin output. High blood sugar food should heal and diet soda can only hurt. If you have tried every diet and insulin resistant diet will finally take the weight off.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Does pre diabetes go away? Yes but not with a typical diet

Does Pre diabetes go away was the latest email that we received this week. The answer is yes but you should realize that this is almost never the case. There is a very good reason for why most people do not reverse the illness. The reason why most people do not reverse the condition is because they simple do not know how to do it. Does Pre diabetes go away? Yes but first it may be good to explore why it does not go away.

Why there are over 70 million pre diabetic and rising.

We are seeing a very sad and dangerous trend in much of the western world. The United States,Europe and some of the largest continents are seeing an explosion of high blood sugar cases. This worldwide trend is resulting in diabetic Blindness, Foot amputations and even loss of life. This will cost many the body because high Blood sugar is an enemy to the cells of the body. Living with this condition is attune to living with a poison in your body. This website offers the best plain information on Type 2 diabetic high glucose. We will keep sounding the alarm on this horrible illness that is no affecting children and well as adults. Does pre diabetes go away? To most the answer is no and here is why

Despite over 70 million Pre diabetic people on the road to full diabetes the major are still on weak and ineffective diets that do nothing to reverse the illness. Did you do something today to reverse your high blood sugar? The majority do nothing. Ordering a diet Coke (filled with aspartame a very serious chemical) does not reverse pre diabetic high glucose and either does using Splenda. These are weak and ineffective choices that will not stop the power of high blood sugar wrecking your cells. If you have the beginning of this illness it means your pancreas is losing the fight and is pumping un-nautral amounts of insulin out to remove the poison high levels of blood sugar. Why would you add more chemicals by drinking a diet soda. Does Pre diabetes go away? It can but not with a diet soda, what type 2 diabetics should not eat are foods that cause insulin resistance.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Health food for diabetes, Lies,lies and more lies

Not all things labeled Health food for diabetes is really healthy. The diabetic industry can fool you if you are not aware. How is this little trick accomplished? It is done by a little thing called an endorsement. We will go into this more a little later. High blood sugar is a horrible illness that ruins the cells of the body, the cells cannot survive the constant flood of high blood sugar. Health food for diabetes should do something about this but often this just is not the case.

Why what they say... has no real value to you

What many in the food industry do is to fool you by placing little stickers on the labels of the foods you buy, the labels tell you the food is approved by some very big organization. When you see this little label you think that this must be something healthy and here is where you have lost the battle. The billion dollar organizations also use famous people as well, they do this because they want you to think this famous person likes the food and so will you. The entertainer would never lie ( that is what they want you to believe). When you see an entertainer endorsing a product please remember they have an agent who told them to do the commercial and they are paid millions to say what ever they are paid to say. 

Diabetic foods(Approved by the American Diabetes Association) Why you should ignore this label.

Health Food for diabetes often have this little sticker approved by the ADA, When you see this little sticker it gives the product an approval in your mind and now you will buy it. This is why marketers of certain food want that little ADA stamp on their package. When you read “Approved by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) it should mean good for you but here is the lie, the ADA sticker is on many things that are not good for diabetics or good anyone for that matter.

The Journal of toxicology and environmental health revealed that Splenda destroys up to half your bodies good intestinal bacteria. Splenda is marketed as “taste like sugar because it is made from sugar” Splenda is far from real sugar(which has been used for centuries) Why would you drink a diet soda which is something that destroys the good bacteria in your gut, which your body needs?  This fake sugar is also in baked goods as well. It is called an "Artificial" sweetener for a reason ..It is artificial

But the Sticker of Approval is on ALL diet sodas

Without this good intestinal bacteria you do great harm to your body but the artificial sweetener has a beautiful label which stated “ Approved by the American Diabetes Association. These are all attempt to fool you into thinking you are doing something health when in fact you are not. Health food for diabetes cannot include diet soda. No one should drink a diet soda, it is a chemical creation and not natural. If you want a real soda squeeze a lemon or orange in mineral water (or Seltzer water) then add a teaspoon of real sugar. Your body will thank you. Stay with this site we offer the best real information on Type 2 diabetes on the internet. 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Will power will not work to stop overeating

It is a new year and people will once again try to stop overeating by using will power. This is the method that the majority of people choose and it is also the method that fails you. There is a good scientific reason why this method has been the greatest failure in the weight loss industry. We will explain why will power will never work to stop overeating. Dieting by telling yourself you are going to change is a losing method yet people try it every year.

I think I can...I think I can...

The “I think I can” method was made famous by the childrens book “The little train engine that could”. The little train convinces himself that he can make it up a very steep hill and after many attempts he makes it up the hill. He kept telling himself, “I think I can”. This is the same approach that people take at the beginning of a new year. They try to convince themselves that they are going to do things differently and lose the excess weight. There is a very good reason that this approach fails every year. The brain: The brain likes repetition, the more we do a thing the brain becomes accustom to it and it is almost impossible to change. Will power to combat overeating is no match for a brain that has become accustom to a Big Mac every night.

Resolutions do not work

Resolution is from the word “resolve” or “I have decided I am going to” In other words, I am going to stop eating the doughnuts, this does not change a brain that has been hardwired for doughnuts.

This is not to say that a person cannot lose weight. You can but not by using willpower to stop overeating. Science has shown that the fastest way to lose weight is by people with or without diabetes to use a diabetic diet. This was shown in Europe. Why did this work? It worked because there was no resolution to lose weight but there were foods that healed the body of processed foods and the weight comes off. This is why this is the best diabetes and weight loss site on the web. Forget will power and resolutions to combat overeating they do not work..

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