Friday, January 18, 2013

Have a Coke and a smile?...If you blinked you missed their trick

We are living in a very different time then 75 years ago when Coca cola first started, what was once natural is not natural any longer, when it comes to your food you better know what (They) the Food and Drug administration is doing. The makers of Coca Cola have decided to finally response to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in much of the country. This is in fact a worldwide issue that effects Europe and Australia as well. The Soda industry has been curiously silent and patient in their response.

Coke has finally responded by speaking about the calories in their soda. This is a clever move because it hides the real issue which is the chemicals in their diet soda. Aspartame is a very dangerous chemical and it is in every can of diet soda. It is in diet coke, Diet Pepsi and Diet Snapple. It has been linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity and more. The position of the FDA is “ We do not believe there is enough poison to harm you”We do not believe aspartame stays in the body” We are not kidding that is the their statement.

But Spanish researchers showed that it does

A Study from the University of Barcelona in Spain revealed that aspartame does in fact build up in the tissues of the body. They confirmed that aspartame was converted to Formaldehyde( a poison in the body) The conclusion of the study was that Aspartame( in all Diet soda) was a health hazard.

Study conclusion below

It is concluded that aspartame consumption may constitute a hazard because of its contribution to the formation of formaldehyde adducts.

Now anything that makes billions of dollars can afford to have researchers tell you that it is safe even crack cocaine. Do you know how much Diet Soda Americans consumed last year. 43 Billion cans in the USA! Yet the people have become fatter! The human body does not do well on chemicals. Food should not contain chemicals that fake being sweet. The healthiest sweetener is plain old sugar (used in moderation there is no comparison) Yet parents are allowing their children to consume sucralose( Splenda) and aspartame diet soda. You cannot lose weight on chemicals (Fake food).

What Coke did: Coke fooled you, calories are what they talked about. Sugar was also mentioned briefly. This is all talk and nothing will change. People will still drink their diet soda because they want it not because it is healthy. Diet Soda will not help you lose weight and it will not help a diabetic. Corporations are in business to make Billions. The only way to fight back is to not drink the chemicals. They only listen to sales not letters. Spread the word about the chemicals in diet sodas and all diet drinks.


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