Monday, January 14, 2013

High blood sugar? What should I eat

High blood sugar is a horrible illness so when the question “what should I eat?” is addressed it is extremely important to make the right choice. Diabetes is one of the most devastating illnesses in the world today, it is also growing at an unprecedented rate. Your choice of food is a very serious matter with high blood sugar and the “what should I eat” question must be considered carefully each day. There are over 26 million in the United States living with this illness and this is causing serious health complications to many. Diet is very critical in reversing diabetes but the foods that many are choosing may be doing more harm than good.

Confusion over good and bad foods

We have addressed the issue of dangerous diet soda in previous posts but it is very important to understand that the sweetener aspartame is not only in diet soda. There are literally thousands of produces on the market with this fake sweetener. Most people are not aware of the dangers that aspartame does to the cells of the body; this sweetener is not a good thing at all. Researchers have shown that diet soda causes weight gain high blood sugar food   Sadly, the problem does not end with diet soda, in fact, the fake sweeteners in diet sodas are just the tip of the iceberg. As you will see the question "what should I eat with high blood sugar" can be a very confusion question. 

Let us say you want a breakfast which includes pancakes(This is fine, do not believe you cannot eat tasty food with diabetes).

If you are having pancakes you may go for the sugar free syrup(sweetened with fake sugars). Did you know that the sweetener changes your cells to hold fat on the body? Many are not aware of this and aspartame is in every sugar free syrup in your market. That is what aspartame does, it causes your cells to change and hold fat. Diabetics wondering to themselves “what should I eat with high blood sugar” are reaching for sugar free and this is can make the illness worst.

The dangers of this sweetener goes way deeper than this site can touch on in a single post. What you need to know is that there are supposedly healthy foods that will keep you ill and make your body worst. Do not assume that the foods are good just because the label says sugar free.There is not one safe artificial sweetener on the market today. The best sweetener is the one from nature, good old cane sugar. In moderation it is the only choice, the bad rap on sugar is because people use un-natural amounts.  When used correctly that which is natural like cane sugar will always be the best choice. What should I eat with high blood sugar? Always remember to stay natural and your body will thank you for it. 1,000 overweight people in a recent study lost the weight in Europe by using a diabetic diet, why would people without high blood sugar lose weight on a diabetic diet? All weight loss is in the blood sugar, this is what boxers and Olympic athletes have known  for years. 

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