Sunday, January 6, 2013

Health food for diabetes, Lies,lies and more lies

Not all things labeled Health food for diabetes is really healthy. The diabetic industry can fool you if you are not aware. How is this little trick accomplished? It is done by a little thing called an endorsement. We will go into this more a little later. High blood sugar is a horrible illness that ruins the cells of the body, the cells cannot survive the constant flood of high blood sugar. Health food for diabetes should do something about this but often this just is not the case.

Why what they say... has no real value to you

What many in the food industry do is to fool you by placing little stickers on the labels of the foods you buy, the labels tell you the food is approved by some very big organization. When you see this little label you think that this must be something healthy and here is where you have lost the battle. The billion dollar organizations also use famous people as well, they do this because they want you to think this famous person likes the food and so will you. The entertainer would never lie ( that is what they want you to believe). When you see an entertainer endorsing a product please remember they have an agent who told them to do the commercial and they are paid millions to say what ever they are paid to say. 

Diabetic foods(Approved by the American Diabetes Association) Why you should ignore this label.

Health Food for diabetes often have this little sticker approved by the ADA, When you see this little sticker it gives the product an approval in your mind and now you will buy it. This is why marketers of certain food want that little ADA stamp on their package. When you read “Approved by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) it should mean good for you but here is the lie, the ADA sticker is on many things that are not good for diabetics or good anyone for that matter.

The Journal of toxicology and environmental health revealed that Splenda destroys up to half your bodies good intestinal bacteria. Splenda is marketed as “taste like sugar because it is made from sugar” Splenda is far from real sugar(which has been used for centuries) Why would you drink a diet soda which is something that destroys the good bacteria in your gut, which your body needs?  This fake sugar is also in baked goods as well. It is called an "Artificial" sweetener for a reason ..It is artificial

But the Sticker of Approval is on ALL diet sodas

Without this good intestinal bacteria you do great harm to your body but the artificial sweetener has a beautiful label which stated “ Approved by the American Diabetes Association. These are all attempt to fool you into thinking you are doing something health when in fact you are not. Health food for diabetes cannot include diet soda. No one should drink a diet soda, it is a chemical creation and not natural. If you want a real soda squeeze a lemon or orange in mineral water (or Seltzer water) then add a teaspoon of real sugar. Your body will thank you. Stay with this site we offer the best real information on Type 2 diabetes on the internet. 

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