Monday, January 7, 2013

Does pre diabetes go away? Yes but not with a typical diet

Does Pre diabetes go away was the latest email that we received this week. The answer is yes but you should realize that this is almost never the case. There is a very good reason for why most people do not reverse the illness. The reason why most people do not reverse the condition is because they simple do not know how to do it. Does Pre diabetes go away? Yes but first it may be good to explore why it does not go away.

Why there are over 70 million pre diabetic and rising.

We are seeing a very sad and dangerous trend in much of the western world. The United States,Europe and some of the largest continents are seeing an explosion of high blood sugar cases. This worldwide trend is resulting in diabetic Blindness, Foot amputations and even loss of life. This will cost many the body because high Blood sugar is an enemy to the cells of the body. Living with this condition is attune to living with a poison in your body. This website offers the best plain information on Type 2 diabetic high glucose. We will keep sounding the alarm on this horrible illness that is no affecting children and well as adults. Does pre diabetes go away? To most the answer is no and here is why

Despite over 70 million Pre diabetic people on the road to full diabetes the major are still on weak and ineffective diets that do nothing to reverse the illness. Did you do something today to reverse your high blood sugar? The majority do nothing. Ordering a diet Coke (filled with aspartame a very serious chemical) does not reverse pre diabetic high glucose and either does using Splenda. These are weak and ineffective choices that will not stop the power of high blood sugar wrecking your cells. If you have the beginning of this illness it means your pancreas is losing the fight and is pumping un-nautral amounts of insulin out to remove the poison high levels of blood sugar. Why would you add more chemicals by drinking a diet soda. Does Pre diabetes go away? It can but not with a diet soda, what type 2 diabetics should not eat are foods that cause insulin resistance.

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