Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Will power will not work to stop overeating

It is a new year and people will once again try to stop overeating by using will power. This is the method that the majority of people choose and it is also the method that fails you. There is a good scientific reason why this method has been the greatest failure in the weight loss industry. We will explain why will power will never work to stop overeating. Dieting by telling yourself you are going to change is a losing method yet people try it every year.

I think I can...I think I can...

The “I think I can” method was made famous by the childrens book “The little train engine that could”. The little train convinces himself that he can make it up a very steep hill and after many attempts he makes it up the hill. He kept telling himself, “I think I can”. This is the same approach that people take at the beginning of a new year. They try to convince themselves that they are going to do things differently and lose the excess weight. There is a very good reason that this approach fails every year. The brain: The brain likes repetition, the more we do a thing the brain becomes accustom to it and it is almost impossible to change. Will power to combat overeating is no match for a brain that has become accustom to a Big Mac every night.

Resolutions do not work

Resolution is from the word “resolve” or “I have decided I am going to” In other words, I am going to stop eating the doughnuts, this does not change a brain that has been hardwired for doughnuts.

This is not to say that a person cannot lose weight. You can but not by using willpower to stop overeating. Science has shown that the fastest way to lose weight is by people with or without diabetes to use a diabetic diet. This was shown in Europe. Why did this work? It worked because there was no resolution to lose weight but there were foods that healed the body of processed foods and the weight comes off. This is why this is the best diabetes and weight loss site on the web. Forget will power and resolutions to combat overeating they do not work..

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