Sunday, October 26, 2014

Which foods to eat with pre diabetes? The Truth

Knowing which foods to eat with pre diabetes is crucial to the elimination of the illness, it is a fact that high blood sugar can be naturally reversed but sadly too many are content using medications to treat this lifestyle illness. There are more than 79 million people in the United States who are borderline diabetic, knowing which foods to eat with pre diabetes can make a different between reversing the illness. Simply relying on medications to treat high blood sugar comes with danger side effects.




High blood sugar is a very dangerous illness, the condition is actually a poisonous level of sugars living in the bloodstream; this is the reason for the horrible consequences which the organs suffer under this illness. The heart is particularly vulnerable to the affects of excessive blood sugar, the hearts of diabetics are in the same condition as someone who has already suffered a heart attack; this is quite alarming.  Heart attack is the number one cause of death in diabetics; this is because high blood sugar results in extreme circulation complications.  Knowing which foods to eat with pre diabetes is crucial to reversing the illness; the phyto-nutrients in certain food have the remarkable ability to normalize blood sugar.


The Grapefruit


The grapefruit is a powerful food against high blood sugar; studies have shown that this one fruit had the ability to beat diabetic drugs at normalizing sugar levels; this information rarely reaches the diabetic. Doctors at University California Berkley were nothing short of amazed that the grapefruit was equal to the drug which cost $385 dollars a month at normalizing blood sugar.


Joseph Napoli, PhD, professor and chair of nutritional sciences and toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley commented that test subjects drinking grapefruit juice had glucose-lowering effects that were just as potent as the subjects who sipped on metformin. “It was very surprising,” says  Dr. Napoli.


This study is just the beginning, Grapefruit is great but not enough; the combination of the right targeted foods causes a normal blood sugar. Knowing which foods to eat with pre diabetes is crucial to eliminating the illness, thousands of people have reversed high blood sugar with a targeted diet from Europe, and it is now used in over 17 countries.






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