Monday, October 20, 2014

What is Pre Diabetes? See why it must be address quickly

What is Pre Diabetes? This is a question that more people are asking due to a startling rise in the numbers of cases worldwide, there was a time when very few people in the world were affected by high blood sugar but this is not the situation today. It is important to have a complete understanding of the illness and how it affects the body. What is pre diabetes? In this post we will give a basic overview of the illness and why it is essential to address the condition as soon as possible.

When your organs start to fail

Excessive blood sugar is a poison, it affects all the organs of the body; this is something that so many diabetics are still not understanding.

Why is the system flooded with glucose(sugar)?

1. It is your pancreas which delivers healthy insulin through out your body when you are healthy, but this is not the case with the diabetic; the diabetic has a pancreas that is wearing out. The supply of insulin is dying out and this opens your body up to many other illnesses.  Without a good supply of natural insulin your body is going to suffer. The picture below shows healthy insulin blasting out of the pancreas and into the cells


  1. The pancreas may be in good shape, it may be pumping out insulin but your cells which should open up for the insulin are resistance.  If your cells will not let insulin in this results in an abundance of sugar flooding into your bloodstream.  A body with a flood of blood sugar ruins the organs of the body. See below the sugar(glucose blue) flooding the bloodstream.

 What is pre diabetes? It is a sign that either your pancreas is starting to wear out or that your cells are now resistance(closed) to insulin,  The result is that the sugar flooded your system (bloodstream)

The bad news

If you are pre diabetic the bad news is that the illness is starting to wear your body down, this opens the door to heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Many diabetic are forced to have their limbs removed due to the damage caused by the excess sugar flooding the bloodstream.

The good news

There is some good news for pre diabetics, the illness can be reversed without any need for doctor’s medications. The correct combination of foods in a very specialized targeted diet causes the blood sugar to normalize without drugs. Doctors know that a targeted diet of the right combination of foods reversed high blood in thousands of people but they do not believe that you are disciplined to change your diet.

Most pre diabetics are given dangerous diabetic medications which they do not need, this is a tragedy.  A pre diabetic diet from Europe has reversed the illness in thousand of people worldwide without the need for any drugs. What is pre diabetes? It is a very serious warning sign but you can reverse this today like thousands have done.

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