Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Type 2 diabetes recipe

There is a type 2 diabetes recipe which is becoming very popular in Europe and it is used with the targeted diet to reverse high blood sugar. If you are a diabetic it means that food should be very important to you, the choice of foods which you make can literally be the different between reversing the illness or not.  A type 2 diabetes recipe should be one which has the ability to reverse the illness with the food.



Let your food heal your body


Our food has the potential to do wonderful things; the power which the Creator put in our food can literally reverse the worst of illnesses. There is a saying attributed to Hippocrates (The father of modern medicine) which stated that “For every illness there exist a food with the ability to neutralize that illness”. High blood sugar is one of the more dangerous illnesses in the world today; the condition can be described as living with a continual poison high level of sugar in the bloodstream. Elevated sugars slowly deteriorate the cells of the body in addition; high blood sugar ruins the organs.


Diabetics live shorter and more painful lives, it is crucial to use food to reverse the illness, a type 2 diabetes recipe which has become quite popular is a power fruit smoothie.


Fruit vs fruit juice


Whole Fruit is wonderful for the diabetic, many diabetics are not aware that “Whole fruits” heal the diabetic.  Prestigious Harvard University put fruits and fruit juice to the test against high blood sugar and what they found out is that fruit juices do not help the diabetic but certain “Whole Fruits” literally reverse the illness!


Harvard researchers concluded


“Our data further endorse current recommendations on increasing whole fruits, but not fruit juice, as a measure for diabetes prevention,” said lead author Isao Muraki, research fellow in the Department of Nutrition at HSPH.


“And our novel findings may help refine this recommendation to facilitate diabetes prevention.”


Eating certain whole fruits only 2 times a week reversed high blood sugar but almost 25%!


A type 2 diabetes recipe which is very popular is a powerful fruit smoothie which is made in 5 minutes with only 3 ingredients plus water


Blueberries can heal the pancreas and create a normal blood sugar when used in the right diet, here is how many are doing this.



  1. ½ cup of blueberries
  2. ½ cup  of Almond milk(or any milk you like)
  3. 1 ounce of any nuts you like ( the nuts can be mixed in, added on top or both)
  4. 10 ice cubes
  5. ½ a cup of water



Here is why this simple recipe has been helping so many, the blueberries heal the pancreas, and this causes a good supply of insulin to remove the excessive blood sugar.


The fat in nuts is good and does not cause weight gain


This is a perfect snack any time of day or night.  Use this type 2 diabetes recipe with the reverse high blood sugar diet (used in 17 countries), this is what thousands have done to stop the illness.





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