Friday, October 31, 2014

Can you eat fruit with diabetes? A very surprising answer

Can you eat fruit with diabetes is a question that so many would like answered, the fact of the matter is that when used in the right way food can literally cause the illness to disappear. High blood sugar is a disease which can be reversed when the body is put in the right nutritional environment.  Can you eat fruit with diabetes is a great question; researchers show that doing so can help produce a normal blood sugar without drugs.


Why “juice” is not what you need


What has confused diabetics regarding the issue of eating fruits is that previous research focused on “fruit juices” not whole fruits. Researchers studied the affect of juice on diabetics and the results were not good, juices caused very elevated blood sugar (which remained high many hours after ingestion). From most previous research you would think that fruits would be a no-no for diabetics but this is just the opposite conclusion we see when speaking of whole fruits not juice. Whole fruits actually healed the body and normalized blood sugar!


Harvard University showed that whole fruits are great for diabetics


“Our data further endorse current recommendations on increasing whole fruits, but not fruit juice, as a measure for diabetes prevention,” said lead author Isao Muraki, research fellow in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health. “And our novel findings may help refine this recommendation to facilitate diabetes prevention.”


Switching from juice to whole fruits (just 3 serving a week) caused an almost 10% reduction in high blood sugar.



What we can see here is that the way the Creator made the “whole fruit” is exactly how it should be eaten, extracting the juices and discarding the remainder of the fruit is horrible for the diabetic. Can you eat fruit with diabetes? Yes, and it is one of the ways to get rid of the illness.



Why whole fruits normalize high blood sugar and juice does not


When a person consumes the whole fruit they are not only getting the juice they are also ingesting the flesh which is loaded with phyto-chemicals, these compounds have a healing affect on the pancreas cells which produce good insulin


Healing is what the diabetic so desperately needs, but rarely receives. A sugar free diet may be beneficial but it can never reverse an illness as powerful as high blood sugar but a healing diet can.  Can you fruit with diabetes? Yes, the “whole fruit”.


A healing diet with a specific combination of foods was utilized and thousands of people were able to free themselves from diabetes drug free.







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