Monday, November 3, 2014

Diabetes, Metformin side effects or Fruit

Most people who are first diagnosed with diabetes are put on the drug metformin (side effects); this has resulted in a financial boom for the diabetic medication maker. For the last 5 years we have helped thousands of people get off high blood sugar medications by revealing to them that the very specific combinations of foods can result in a normal blood sugar. Diabetes drug metformin comes with very serious side effects which can lead to serious nerve damage.


How a popular drug may be ruining your body


Diabetics often suffer from a condition called neuropathy; excessive blood sugar often results in nerve and artery damage. Diabetic nerve damage results in slow wound healing and sores which can eventually lead to amputation of the limb. It is crucial that the diabetic protect themselves from neuropathy, nerve damage comes without warning, the excessive sugar in the blood is particularly damaging to the nerves and arteries.  There is not one safe diabetic medication, they all come with very serious risk, and metformin side effects are linked to nerve damage! 


Those on metformin are not only battling nerve damage from high blood sugar but also possibly from the drug; this is a double disaster.


Reporting on the drug, Dutch scientists have found that the medication lowers vitamin b 12, this is a huge development because b12 is involved in numerous vital functions in the body. The nutrient is involved in brain, blood vessel and nerve health.  According to doctors the longer you are on metformin the worst it gets.

"Our study shows that this decrease is not a transitory phenomenon, but persists and grows over time," wrote the Maastricht University Medical Center researchers in the British Medical Journal.


The Metformin side effects are not minor; the drug is linked to increase cases of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage).



Drug free with fruit?


In an amazing study which was recently conducted in by University of California Berkley it was revealed that the humble grapefruit was just as good as Metformin in producing a normal blood sugar without the side effects! Studies like this are not promoted to the public by the medical establishment, who are in business with the drug companies.


In the blockbuster study the researchers tested grapefruit against metformin and each time the grapefruit produced the same affect as the drug with no side effects.

Joseph Napoli, PhD, professor and chair of nutritional sciences and toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley commented on the surprised that researchers experienced when they found that grapefruit had the very same effect as a drug which brings a billion dollar a year profit for the drug company.


The biggest shock from the study was that subjects drinking grapefruit juice had glucose-lowering effects that were just as potent as the subjects who sipped on metformin. “It was very surprising,” says  Dr. Napoli.



It is not surprising to the thousands of people who read this site, we have shown that the exact combination of specific foods produce a normal blood sugar without metformin side effects, this has been used in over 17 countries




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