Sunday, July 27, 2014

Diabetes Blurry Vision, what to do about this

Diabetes blurry vision (retinopathy) can be a very serious walk up call to address elevated blood sugar. There is a particularly danger which affects the eyes of those with high blood sugar, a recent study has revealed that there has been a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from diabetic eye complications leading to blindness.  Diabetes blurry vision is often a sign of nerve or blood vessel damage which can permanently damage the eyes; we will address this in this post.



How high blood sugar affects the eyes



There has been a very large jump in the number of people who are experiencing eye troubles as a result in high blood sugar, excessive glucose (sugar) in the blood is a poison, and this is something that this site has always emphasized.  The eyes have very small blood vessels which are easily damaged by excessive sugar in the blood; diabetic blindness is a result of nerve or blood vessel damage resulting in complications to the retina. The true danger of excessive sugar to the eyes is how glucose damages the very delicate blood vessels in the eyes, for those who do not address this; the eyes can be permanently affected. Diabetes blurry vision can also be caused by taking insulin; many people who have begun taking insulin may experience a sudden problem with the eyes. If the problem is from the insulin this usually adjust back to normal once the blood sugar is stabilized.   It is extremely important that you understand how high blood sugar is causing more people to lose their eyesight; a new study makes this point abundantly clear.




STUDY: National Eye Institutes, diabetic retinopathy, one of the most common and destructive complications of diabetes, increased by 3.7 million new cases over the last decade. More than 7 million Americans are now affected by diabetic retinopathy. Even more stunning, the rate is projected to climb to 11 million in the next decade. People with diabetes are also at greater risk for cataracts, which is a cloud over the eye lens, and glaucoma, which damages the optic nerve


* Please understand that the damage to the retina’s blood vessels can cause leaking of fluid and blood, at times new blood vessels form on top of the retina causing even more serious vision complications*


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