Monday, July 21, 2014

Can you reverse Pre diabetes? What you need to know



Can you reverse pre diabetes? Yes, you can reverse high blood sugar without Metformin or any diabetic medications but this must be done in the right way with the correct combination of foods. Over 80 million people in the United States are suffering with borderline high blood sugar and this is bringing very strong health consequences. In addressing the question, can you reverse pre diabetes, it is crucial to understand that the way in which to stop the illness is by addressing the root cause.



The sugar free failure:


High blood sugar cannot be stopped by adopting a sugar free diet, sadly this is the extent of most people’s effort in reversing the illness, this is not the fault of the people; most have no idea how to stop high blood sugar without resorting to dangerous medications like metformin.



A serious pre diabetic message


The most important thing that a pre diabetic must understand is the fact that their cells are not taking in the sugar (glucose). The glucose (sugar) is flooding inside the bloodstream!


When you are healthy with a good blood sugar your glucose enters your cells and you have great energy; this is not the case of the type 2 diabetic.  The diabetic’s cells are “insulin resistant”.  The cells of the diabetic does not allow in this glucose, the end result is that the glucose floods into the bloodstream causing possible diabetic blindness, leg amputation, or heart disease.  


Can you reverse pre diabetes? Yes and you must to save your body. Excessive blood glucose (sugar) is a poison. Switching to splenda and other diet foods (sugar-free) does nothing to repair your pancreas; these sugar-free foods are no match for insulin resistance. It is crucial that you use the right combinations of foods to bring about a natural and normal blood sugar level. 



Thousands of people have reversed pre diabetes without any medication by using the European diabetes reversal diet; it is used in an amazing 17 countries to stop high blood sugar drug free, without metformin.


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