Monday, June 30, 2014

Pre diabetes drugs or diet?

When it comes to pre diabetes the drug metformin is usually the first medication that doctors prescribe; but it is clear from researchers that diabetic high blood sugar can be reversed with diet alone. The diabetic drug game is just that, big pharma( the drug companies)  take in billions of dollars each year from prescribed diabetic medications; if you have pre diabetes the right diet(  very specific) can reverse the illness, we have proven this to thousands if people in over 17 countries.



Know what you are doing to your heart!


Diabetic medications are very serious drugs which have been shown to cause tremendous amount of damage to the heart muscle. Diabetic medications have been responsible for many heart attacks, strokes and cancer, the drug companies are often forced to pull the drugs off the market.  There have been many class actions lawsuits filed by the families of diabetics due to heart attacks and even deaths from the drugs. There is not one safe diabetic medication; drugs should be the extreme last resort for a person with high blood sugar.  Pre diabetes should be treated with diet not drugs.



The drugging of the diabetic gets worst



A new study reveals that senior citizens with high blood sugar are being over treated with diabetic medications and this is leading to a dangerous or even fatal drop in blood sugar.


A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine, by researchers from the Department of Veterans Affairs, notes that among senior adults, insulin and diabetic drugs are “the second most common medications associated with emergency department visits or hospitalizations and adverse drug events.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg, experts believe.  Diabetic medications at time force the blood sugar “too low”, this is potentially fatal, it is a dangerous risk when taking these drugs.


Dr. Patrick O’Malley, division director of general internal medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, called the results “scary,”


Diabetic drugs bring in huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies; we are speaking of over 7 billion dollars each year!


When you learn how to combine the right foods in the right diet high blood sugar disappears, this is accomplished drug free.


How did thousands of people reverse diabetes drug free? This is accomplished when the person with high blood sugar uses a very specific natural healing diabetic diet, this works and is what people are doing in over 17 countries to stop pre diabetes drug free.


For over 5 years this is the number one diet to reverse diabetes drug free. Simply click the bug at the top right of this page to revere diabetes naturally and drug free.










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