Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What to do about pre diabetes? The answer

What to do about pre diabetes is a question that is frequently asked by the thousands of people who read this site daily. When it comes to treating high blood sugar it is best to take swift action against this disease before the damaging affects set in. High blood sugar is a very devastating disease and it is affecting more and more people each year; the consequences are blindness, as well as, foot and leg amputations.  What to do about pre diabetes is an excellent question; in this post we will highlight the fact that more that 25% are unaware that they have high blood sugar.


According to a new study obesity is one of the reasons for the rising diabetic crisis, but it must be made clear that thin people can also become type 2 diabetic. Sadly many are not fighting back against the disease because they are unaware that they have it.  


A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals almost 1 in 10 Americans has the disease, but a quarter of them don't know it, we are speaking of many millions who have an excessive amount of damaing sugar flooding into the bloodstreamcausing extreme damage. Over time cummulative danger occurs to a person who is diabetic, each day the organs of the body are punsihed by high blood sugar, for many the result is kdney diaylsis or te loss of a limb.


High blood sugar should always be addressed immediately, excessive sugar in the bloodstream should never be given the opportunity to damage the organs. What to do about pre diabetes? The answer is clear that you must have a healing diet but this is where most people are losing the war for their bodies. A sugar free diet is not enough to stop high blood blood sugar, only a combination of the right foods have been shown to reverse and even cure type 2 diabetes.  


For more that 5 years we have been exposing the billion dollar diabetes drug companies who have profitted from very dangerous diabetic medications like Actos and Avandia, we have helped thousands reverse pre diabetes and many have stopped all medications; the answer is a healing diet. A healing diet is what high blood sugar hates, a sugar free diet is childs play against a damaging illness like high blood sugar. What to do about pre diabetes? reverse it on your own today


You can have a normal blood sugar in 30 days by following a very special diet.

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