Thursday, December 26, 2013

TYPE 2 DIABETES: Which foods you must eat

With type 2 diabetes it is clear that there are certain foods which you must eat, this is an extremely important issue which should be made known to all those battling the illness. There are over 28 million people in the United States who are living with high blood sugar, the effects of the disease is extremely damaging to the organs of the body; this is an illness that must be addressed immediately in order to save your body. It is crucial to know which foods you must eat with type 2 diabetes.

High blood sugar is like no other illness in the world, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease and loss of limbs are all related to high blood sugar. What is high blood sugar? We are speaking of a poison level of sugars circulating in the bloodstream causing havoc all through out the circulation. If you are a diabetic you must recognize that an excessive glucose in your bloodstream is a poison that ruins your body organs. It is crucial to go on the offensive and fight back against the illness with nutrients. Knowing which foods to eat with diabetes is essential information.

What so many do not understand is that If you have a high blood sugar your heart is under constant punishment.

Young people with high blood sugar are experiencing increased heart attacks, if you are diabetic a university study recently revealed how your heart is seriously at risk!

According to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, even non-diabetics have a sharply increased risk of heart problems if they have long-term elevated blood sugar.

According Dr Dr. Elizabeth Selvin, the lead author of the study, for just one percentage point increase in blood glucose levels, the chance for a heart attack in diabetics increases by 18%.

This is alarming information, what the study is revealing is that having a high blood sugar without being diabetic causes heart problems, can we imagine the effects on the heart of a person who is officially diabetic?

This is why diabetic heart attacks are occurring in younger people today. The damaging effects of the illness is what is causing chest pains, kidney failure and diabetic blindness; this is an illness that you must fight back against with nutrients.

Get Smart

The right combination of healing nutrients can reverse the illness without resorting to dangerous blood sugar drugs, this has been proven in over 17 countries. High blood sugar must not be taken lightly, the right combination of nutrient can stop the illness naturally, this is more than a healthy diet; we are speaking of a healing diet that has reversed the illness drug free. Knowing which foods to eat with diabetes can stop the illness.


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