Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What to eat with Pre diabetes? An Answer

If you have pre diabetes and are wondering what to eat it is important to understand that the foods you choose may make the different between reversing the illness or not. There are over 80 million people in the United States who are living with a borderline diabetic blood sugar level, high blood sugar is an extremely damaging illness that can devastate the body. Knowing what to eat with pre diabetes may be the most important information that you ever receive regarding your health.

The diabetic dilemma grows

High blood sugar is the most devastating illness in the world today, there are over 300 million people world wide who are struggling with an elevated blood sugar level and the effects have been extremely alarming. Glucose(sugar) is needed to enter your cells for energy but this is not what the diabetic is experiencing; people with high blood sugar have their glucose(sugar) flooding into the bloodstream causing extreme health complications. The flood of sugar in your blood is where the real danger begins, over time the excess sugars destroy your nerves and circulation causing possible blindness and other complications. High blood sugar is an inflammatory illness and knowing what to eat with pre diabetes can help you remove the excessive sugar in the blood.

If you are (pre diabetic) here is the situation, your pancreas is wearing out its insulin production and your cells are not responding to the insulin you are producing; some people will need lifelong insulin injections. Kidney failure and live disease are what some will experience, it is imperative to stop the flood of excessive sugar in the blood. A sugar free diet does not stop the damage of high blood sugar, for example, switching to splenda will do nothing to stop the weakening pancreas give a better insulin production. Knowing what to eat with pre diabetes can stop the damage, high blood sugar is reversible with diet.

How our modern day food create high blood sugar

High blood sugar is an inflammation illness and knowing this can help you stop the illness before any more damage is done to your circulation. The highly processed food chemicals today create inflammation illnesses like high glucose and obesity; obesity is an inflammation disease. If you are pre diabetic it means that the foods you have may have caused this inflammatory condition, it is not your fault; the highly processed food chemicals used today have caused the diabetic crisis in much of the world. Most diabetic diets do nothing to reverse the illness because few diets can reverse the damage from our inflammation causing foods today.

How to stop the illness.

Most diabetic diets do nothing to reverse high blood sugar because they do not address the inflammation from our modern day processed food chemicals, many of the so-called healthy foods today are also highly manufactured with processed food chemicals which will keep your bloodsugar high. You can reverse this illness drug free, in over 17 countries a diet has been used to stop the damage from our modern day food and reverse high blood sugar drug free! The specialized diet is what to eat with pre diabetes to stop the illness. The European diet is now used in 17 countries


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