Monday, July 22, 2013

Help for Obesity? What really works

For many people getting help for obesity can be a very confusing journey but science has made it clear what works. An understanding of inflammation has helped thousands of people recently reverse the excessive fat on the body, as the issue of tissue inflammation is addressed body weight will naturally comes down dramatically. There are over 100 million people in the United States who are carrying excessive fats on the various parts of the body, help for obesity can be achieved without the need to resort to any dangerous surgery according to a University study.

The failure of dieting

The simple approach of diet and exercise has been a failure for millions of people due to the fact that this simplistic approach often does not reduce your inflammation body fat. The media has shamed people who cannot lose weight, the perception of the overweight person is often one who has no self control but science is showing that this “blaming” is often completely wrong. The numbers of people who have lost thousands of dollars on gym memberships are uncountable, if a simple diet and exercise plan worked we would all be super thin. Weight loss is difficult for millions, the bottom line is that, to lose weight you must reduce your inflammatory body fat. 

What really works

Recent scientific studies show that all weight loss is rooted in the addressing of inflammation but very few diets can reverse inflammation body fat. Help for obesity is rooted in reversing the inflammatory condition. The prestige Harvard University revealed what so few dieters know, it is clear that it is inflammation that causes weight gain.

Departments of Genetics and Complex Diseases and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

The discovery that obesity itself results in an inflammatory state in metabolic tissues ushered in a research field that examines the inflammatory mechanisms in obesity. Here, we summarize the unique features of this metabolic inflammatory state, termed metaflammation and defined as low-grade, chronic inflammation orchestrated by metabolic cells in response to excess nutrients and energy.

How to heal your body with  food and finally lose weight

When researchers used a diabetic “style” diet on people without diabetes an amazing thing happening, excessive fats were reversed naturally from the stomach, people with or without diabetes all lost weight. The abdominal adipose tissue(belly fat) was reduced, in addition there was a general loss of overall body weight. 

90% of diets do nothing to reverse inflammation body fat (all dangerous body fat is inflammation body fat) 

A diabetic “style” diet has been known to reverse body fat for over 60 years but no one has thought about this to help obesity until recently . As Science continues to address the current health crisis we will learn how to finally drop the excessive fat

The Europe diet that was created for diabetic but which has produced a reversal of body fat in people without diabetes may be seen here.


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