Thursday, July 11, 2013

Diet soda? The beverage is once again linked to Weight gain and Cancer

Diet soda is not what you should be drinking if you want to lose weight, there are many who are simply addicted to diet drinks and are fooling themselves into believing that they are doing something healthy for their bodies. The popularity of artificially sweetened drinks have largely been due to advertisements and false hopes. A new University studies has once again confirmed what we have revealed numerous of times on this site, diet soda is addictive and can cause diabetes and weight gain.

What so bad about a diet drink?

Diet sodas use a chemical that is created in a laboratory which sweetens the beverages, this chemical is called aspartame and it is a drug that the body does not handle well; artificial substances do not work well in the human body. Because they are not natural. Consuming artificially created sweeteners cause disruption in brain cells and can lead to diabetes and obesity according to researchers. The latest study on the sweetener from Purdue University once again shows that diet soda is not a safe drink, it causes cellular confusion that may create Cancer, Diabetes and heart disease.

Psychological Sciences Professor Susie Swithers reviewed and evaluated the most recent research on whether consuming high-intensity sweeteners may result in over-eating, weight gain or other health problems. The conclusion was startling.

And these data demonstrate that people who drink diet sodas have significantly greater risk of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes compared to people who don’t, so it really is a public health issue, not simply an issue of weight or BMI (Body Mass Index).”

The reason diet soda can lead to an addiction, heart disease and cancer is because of the chemical called aspartame, this chemical changes the way cells function in the body.

New research on mice by Kate S.Collison and colleagues shows that aspartame causes high glucose levels and impaired insulin sensitivity. High blood glucose levels and impaired insulin function are correlated with poor breast cancer prognosis, as outlined in a recent review in the International Journal of Breast Cancer. High sugar levels and high insulin levels also cause other types of cancers to grow.

Why is it legal to drink ?

In the USA the FDA (Food and Drug administration) is responsible for what foods and drugs are approved but unfortunately the billion dollar food and drug makers pay doctors,researchers and scientist to “find” the drugs not dangerous enough to ban. When you drink a diet soda you are drinking something that the FDA knows has studies linking it to cancer,diabetes and obesity, it is allowed to be sold because many people get rich of this beverage. Diet Sodas are a billion dollar market But you will not lose weight drinking it!

What can stop diabetes and weight gain? A sugar free diet is simply not going to cut it, we are speaking about a very serious illnesses that cause death, in addition diabetic medications have been linked to heart disease and are dangerous.

What can stop diabetes and obesity? Weight gain has been reversed drug free in over 17 countries with a natural insulin resistance diet, it simply works to save lives and to finally get rid of the illness or lose weight.


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