Friday, April 5, 2013

Diabetes chest pain : Listen to the message in the body

When you experience diabetes chest pain it is a serious warning of health complication related to the high level of sugar in your bloodstream. The pains can signal the beginnings of heart failure, if you are living with high glucose the complications to your health can be extremely dangerous and must be taken seriously. Diabetes chest pain may be a sign of damage to the heart muscle, the reversal of this condition early is important to avoid further damage

How high blood sugar effects the heart

If you are a diabetic you increase your chance of a fatal heart attack by almost 300%, we rarely hear about the heart when it comes to high blood sugar but this organ suffers when the cells are daily punished by the high levels if glucose. "A person with diabetes and no cardiovascular history has the same risk of having a heart attack as a person who has had a prior heart attack," said Dr. Ruchi Mathur, an endocrinologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

This is an amazing statistic, it shows that living with a high blood sugar can mean a fatal heart attack or stroke at any given moment, diabetes chest pain is a warning sign that the heart may be under extreme pressure. Living with high blood sugar means you are living as person who has already had a heart attack.

The complications from high blood sugar come from insulin resistance, if you are diabetic it means that you have cells that are not taking in glucose for energy, your cells are insulin resistance and the glucose floods your bloodstream, this is why you have high blood sugar. To save the heart you must remove this poison high level of sugar from your bloodstream. A diabetic does not need a simply diet, they need a insulin resistance diet that reverses the damage from the sugar. Diabetes chest pain can be healed with the reversal of insulin resistance


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