Thursday, March 21, 2013

What can a diabetic eat? Why few know the truth

A common question is, what can a diabetic eat? Unfortunately there are so many misconceptions that people have become confused. We have discussed at length on this site the dangers of diet soda, diet soda contains a chemical called aspartame and you should not drink it, this is a very dangerous chemical that causes the body to hold fat around the belly. People who drink diet soda rarely have a slim waist or lose weight. What can a diabetic eat is a very good question and we hope to help you understand the truth about the illness in this post. 

Can a person with diabetes eat fruit?

Many people with the illness avoid fruit and this is a big mistake, fruit is great and healthy for a person with high blood sugar, this is proven in a recent study that appeared in the New York Times, researchers in Denmark fed people with type 2 diabetes the equivalent of 3 pieces of fruit vs 1 piece of fruit and for 3 months and the results

Department of Nutrition, Regional Hospital West Jutland, Jutland, Denmark

The high-fruit group increased fruit intake with 125 grams and the low-fruit group reduced intake with 51 grams . Ac1 levels decreased in both groups with no difference between the groups

What was clear from the results was that those who ate the most fruit had the largest weight loss, in addition, the high fruit eaters saw their Ac1(the true marker for your blood sugar level) decrease. What can a diabetic eat? Fruit is a must for good health, amazingly Diabetes improved on the fruit diet. What about the recommendations in the past from the American Diabetes Association telling people to avoid fruit? Sadly these large organization who receive 100's of millions of dollars in donations and government money often get it wrong.  So many are misinformed and never get the truth because of  these huge organizations. They are trying to pass artificial sweeteners on to you which causes more diabetes and obesity. This site offers the best Type 2 diabetes information on the Internet and is used in over 20 countries daily. We are popular because we show you how to reverse the illness... not just how to live with it. What should a diabetic eat? Every meal should be based on a proven diet to reverse the illness, only we researched this

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