Thursday, March 14, 2013

Help My child is overweight

“My child is overweight”, it is a common concern of parents in much of the USA. What are the causes of the growing obesity problem and is there a way to stop the epidemic. What is becoming clear is that many mothers may be unknowingly setting their children up for obesity from exposures to environmental chemicals. We recently received an email from a mother stating that her child was over weight, this is a crisis that many parents are discovering they must confront.

PFCs and your Children

In a stunning study from Emery University researchers have shown that obesity can start in the womb, when a mother is exposed to certain environmental chemicals the results are smaller birth babies that become overweight by age 3. What are PFCs? These are chemicals that are found in the production of fluoropolymers and are found widely in protective coatings of packaging products, clothes, furniture and non-stick cookware. They are persistent compounds found abundantly in the environment and human exposure is common. PFCs have been detected in human breast milk. “Help my child is overweight” If you are a parent in a similar situation it is important to understand that we are living in a toxic world and the result can detrimental to your health.

This study falls right in line with a study from Denmark, a recent study in Denmark found that women exposed to PFCs in the womb were more likely to be overweight at age 20.

The environment is polluted and when you combine this with the food chemicals which cause obesity it is clear that you have been set up to be overweight. If you have a hard time losing weight it is because you are insulin resistant, insulin resistance causes obesity and diabetes. Years ago we had good insulin that removed glucose but this is a different story today. The abundance of low calorie, low carbs and low fat diets have done nothing to stop the rise of obesity. Overweight. The key to weight loss today is an insulin resistance diet, an insulin resistant diet fights food and environmental chemicals and the fat comes off. You produce good insulin and the fat comes of as in a healthy person. See here How to lose weight naturally with a diabetic Type Diet


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