Friday, January 11, 2013

High blood sugar food? What you should say away from

Food and high blood sugar go together, it is clear that there are foods that you certainly should not eat. There is much confusion surrounding what is really effective when eating with this illness, this confusion leaves you ill and at danger from the most punishing illness in the world today which is diabetes. The right food for high blood sugar can make the difference between reversing the illness or losing the body.

What excessive glucose does

Glucose is needed in the body but in excess it is a poison to the cells of your body, this point is emphasized on this site because it is not mentioned enough in diabetic literature. Your pancreas is pumping out high levels of insulin in an attempt to remove the excess glucose from your bloodstream. If you have pre diabetes or high glucose your pancreas is getting tired of releasing the insulin, it is giving out. The high levels of glucose are too much for the body to fight each day. This is how the body losses the fight. This is why the cells die and the organs suffer. The flood of Glucose is a march pounding enemy that does not let up. What is the result? Diabetic blindness, Diabetic amputation, kidney failure and heart disease. This is why you must know which food to stay away from; high blood sugar food should heal not hurt

I am amazed at how many diabetics think a diet soda or low fat food will reverse the illness. This will never stop the punishing blood glucose. If switching to a diet soda really helped do you think your pancreas would have to fight this hard to remove the glucose? Diet soda is a chemical creation that makes uncountable millions of dollars for the soda maker. It can not help you against diabetes and can even hurt you. Diet soda has a chemical called Aspartame that is not good at all. We highly advise you to stop drinking it. Diet soda causes you to gain weight not lose weight. This was revealed by the University of Maryland. Isn’t it amazing that as more people drink diet soda the higher the diabetes rate goes.

Only a healing diet can reverse a powerful enemy like high glucose. The average diabetic diet cannot reverse the illness, only a powerful healing diet can give your pancreas a break and give you a normal insulin output. High blood sugar food should heal and diet soda can only hurt. If you have tried every diet and insulin resistant diet will finally take the weight off.  


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