Friday, April 3, 2015

Food list for diabetes? Eat this now!

Often people with high blood sugar seek a food list for diabetes reversal, the key to addressing this illness is healing. The diabetic is always under extreme punishment due to excessive glucose. Readers of this site are very familiar with the fact that excessive blood glucose is a punishment to the cells of the body.  A food list for diabetes must include proven foods which heal the body, this means going beyond a sugar free diet.

High blood sugar negatively alters the cells of the body; in our last post we revealed a new study which shows that diabetic blood sugar levels raise the risk of breast cancer in women. There is not one cell in the body which is not affected by high blood sugar.

Many people have switched to sugar free foods and drinks, sadly these items often include splenda or aspartame.  Splenda and diet sodas (aspartame) are horrible for all people, these diet beverages are linked to cancer and weight gain. What should you eat? Your food list for diabetes should include whole eggs. Eggs are a protein wonder; the yolk is loaded with stunning amounts of nutrition.  A new study reveals diabetics should be eating eggs!  

Egg consumption may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to new research from the University of Eastern Finland 

The amount of eggs which produced the affect was at least 4 eggs a week; this is healing for the diabetic body. The diabetic has to go beyond a sugar free diet; a healing diet has been shown in numerous of studies to produce a normal blood sugar level. One item on your food list for diabetes should include eggs with the yolk.  

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