Thursday, April 16, 2015

Diabetes Memory Loss Confusion


Diabetes can cause confusion, dizziness and even loss of concentration. One of the least discussed aspects of high blood sugar is the way in which it affects the brain. There are many who are still unaware of the fact that excessive blood glucose has a direct affect on the workings of the brain. Diabetes, memory loss and confusion can be a very distributing consequence of high blood sugar. Many experience problems concentrating.



Excess glucose and brain function


Diabetics are at an increased risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A new study released this week shows a direct link between diminished cognitive functioning and high blood sugar. The thousands of readers from all over the world who read this site are well aware of the fact that high blood sugar affects every cell of the body, this is a punishing illness. The brain suffers when blood sugar is high.

The study published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry says people with diabetes face a risk of dementia higher than expected. In fact, depression as well as high blood sugar increased the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Depression and diabetes mellitus were independently associated with a greater risk for dementia, and the combined association of both exposures with the risk for all-cause dementia was stronger than the additive association,” the study concludes.

Diabetes memory loss, dizziness or confusion can stem from the fact that excessive glucose causes damage to brain cells. 


The message is clear that high blood sugar must be treated with a healing diet. The readers of this site are well aware that a sugar free diet does not and cannot heal the body, but a specific combination of foods can!

It is the specific combination of foods which have produced a normal blood sugar in thousands of people.  Diabetes can lead to mental decline, memory loss and confusion. You can do something about this.

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