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Blood sugar high what to eat? This can really help

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It is a common dilemma, “blood sugar high what to eat”.  When it comes to such a dangerous illness as diabetes, is it crucial to know all that you can about food, choosing the right foods can make the different between, healing the body or not.  The diet of a diabetic must include foods which have the ability to reverse an elevated glucose level. If your blood sugar is high and you are wondering what to eat, you are going to find out why this site is reads in over 10 countries.

Can a fruit beat drugs?

One problematic situation with drugs is that fact that they often come with very dangerous side effects. Recently, 2 of the more popular diabetic medications Actos and Avandia were found to be linked to thousands of heart attacks and even loss of life.

Billions of dollars in damages have been repaid by the drug makers but the damage is not repairable to the body. There are no “safe” diabetic medications; all will affect your heart or other organs.  The once popular drug Avandia is now banned in most countries and Actos now comes with a black box warning (similar to cigarettes) warning you this drug may ruin your heart. If your blood sugar is high and you are wondering what to eat, think healing not drug!

A fruit that beat a drug

The researchers of the study at University of California, Berkeley were skeptical, how could a  $1 dollar grapefruit or (grapefruit juice) be as effective as a drug which profits billons of dollars to the drug makers but that is exactly what happened!

Lead researcher Dr. Joseph Napoli, professor and chair of nutritional sciences and toxicology was shocked by the result, Grapefruit juice was just as effective as Metformin!

Graprefruit juice given after a meal to diabetics produced the same results as a dose of Metformin, the result were repeated and the same conclusion was reach; grapefruit juice as good as metformin in producing a normal blood sugar.

“It was very surprising,” says Dr. Napoli.

Why you will never hear about this study on mainstream media

  1. There is a vested financial interest in drugs in the United States and much of the world.

  1. The Food and Drug Administration and private investors profit billions of dollars from pharmaceutical drugs. No one can get rich off a grapefruit.

  1. Billion of dollars in stocks are purchased to back a drug before your doctor writes the prescription. Drugs are all about money.

  1. Doctors are not trained in nutrition; they are trained to medicate your condition with pharmaceutical drugs.

Blood sugar high what to eat?

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This website is read daily in over 10 countries because people know that the information here can help you reverse diabetes without medication. A healing diet is your strongest friend. We have revealed how to get a normal blood sugar without drugs in over 17 countries by using a healing diet.


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