Thursday, October 9, 2014

Metformin for Pre diabetes? Think again

It is common for doctors to prescribe metformin for pre diabetes and this is actually quite sad. We have countless people who read this site who have reversed high blood sugar without drugs by following a very much targeted diet to lower blood sugar. It is clear that type 2 high blood sugar can be reversed without medication when the right targeted diet is utilized. Metformin for pre diabetes comes with side effects where a targeted diet has none; a new study once again shows the power of food to reverse high blood sugar.

Food beats drugs again according to a new study

The power that resides in food is nothing short of miraculous, it is has been said that there is not one disease which cannot be reversed when finding the right combination of foods.  A new study revealed this week that the humble grapefruit has the power to lower high blood sugar as well as metformin without the side effects!

Joseph Napoli, PhD, professor and chair of nutritional sciences and toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley commented on the surprised that researchers experienced when they found that grapefruit had the very same effect as a drug that brings in a 3 billion dollar a year profit for the drug company.

The biggest shock for the study was that mice drinking grapefruit juice had glucose-lowering effects that were just as potent as the mice who sipped on metformin. “It was very surprising,” says  Dr. Napoli.

This site has been so popular for the past 4 years because we have revealed that the right combinations of natural foods can make high blood sugar go away without drugs. We are read in over 10 countries daily.

The side effects of metformin is not good, it causes a lowering of a natural vitamin b which can have a negative affect on nerve health. The diabetic has a very strong risk of nerve damage simply from having a high blood sugar; this is why many diabetics are forced to have their legs removed. Millions suffer from diabetic nerve damage in the hands and feet.  The nerve damage of high blood sugar is horrible and vitamin B is crucial for nerve health, metformin actually lowers this very important vitamin!

The fact that grapefruit did the same job as the billion dollar drug to stop high blood sugar is no surprise to the regular readers of this site. You can reverse pre diabetes with a very targeted diet.

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