Friday, September 19, 2014

What the pre diabetes drug makers don’t want you to know

It is clear that you can reverse pre diabetes without drugs but this is not the message that is reaching the majority of people who are battling high blood sugar. The big pharmaceutical companies are in the business to make money not healing diets, money is their sole objective. They do not care about the long term affects of their medications which often cause cancer and heart disease to the diabetic.  You can reverse Pre diabetes without drugs but this is only accomplished with a healing diet.

In an amazing decision this week the Food and Drug administration (FDA) has approved yet another type 2 high blood sugar medication. Despite the fact that most of this illness can be reversed drug free the FDA still bows to the big drug makers, they are almost always certain to get an approval.

 *2 years ago the diabetic medication Avandia (made by Glaxo Kline Smith) was found to have been responsible for thousands of deaths and heart attacks yet the FDA left the drug on the market despite Europe banning the drug.  

* The diabetic drug Actos (mad by Japanese company Tadaka) was found to cause a breakout of cancer in the bladder, people suffered from painful urination as the cells were turning cancerous

Pre diabetes can be reversed without drugs but this message is not reaching the person with high blood sugar. The doctors are pumping out the prescriptions, the drug companies get richer and the people are taking it like candy.

There is not one diabetic medication that does not ruin the heart valve or cause the growth of cancer cells

New Kid on the Block

The new diabetic drug on the market starts off by telling you that it may give you cancer!
(It is called Trulicity made by Lilly)

What does this drug do? It is suppose to cause your body to make insulin after you eat a meal, when you are healthy your body normally makes enough insulin after eating but not in some diabetics.

Trulicity, is a weekly injection which is suppose to help blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes. The drug is part of a new class of medicines called GLP-1 agonists, which spur the pancreas to create extra insulin after meals.

Here is the most amazing part: The drug has been shown to turn normal thyroid cells into cancer cells!  What a great way to get some extra insulin after a meal.

 The drug is known to cause tumors of the thyroid gland (thyroid C-cell tumors).

Despite the known risk of the drug it will still be given to you with a warning on the box!

The warning is a way to protect the drug makers from lawsuits if you possibly discover you have a deadly thyroid cancer 5 years from now.

The estimate profit the drug makers will make is reported to be 2 billion dollar each year

The facts:

No one needs a drug for pre diabetes or full type 2 high blood sugar

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