Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reverse type 2 diabetes or face serious health problems




The need to reverse type 2 diabetes has become a necessity for millions of people due to the fact that a new study reveals that more people are being hospitalized as a result of the damages of living with high blood sugar. There is no illness today that is causing as many health complications as high blood sugar; an excessive amount of sugar in the blood is a poison to the cells of the body. It is essential to reverse type 2 diabetes as quickly as possible to avoid further health problems.



The enemy called excessive sugar


Too much sugar in the blood is a poison to the cells of the body, diabetic blindness and amputations of the limbs are a result of a systemic excess of glucose (sugar), overtime the cells, nerves and blood vessels may be permanently damaged. A new study reveals that the current diabetic epidemic is resulting in more people being hospitalized for diabetic complications such as diabetic eye troubles, foot pain and heart disease.



“Eighty-seven percent of visits to physicians by patients with diabetes were made by patients with multiple chronic conditions,” said Dr. Jeffrey Powell, chief of the division of endocrinology at Northern Westchester Hospital. 


The need to reverse type 2 diabetes is not only advisable; it is also a necessity.



The study highlights the fact that high blood sugar causes “multiple” chronic conditions. The heart is negatively affected when a person lives with high blood sugar; a study from Europe showed that a diabetic’s cardiovascular condition is similar to a person who has already suffered a heart attack, this should concern every diabetic.



A specialized diet from Denmark has been causes people get a normal blood sugar without the need for medications. There is not one diabetic medication which does not stress the heart muscle, the diabetic medication Actos is now linked to heart disease and bladder cancer.  Diabetes can be reversed naturally without any medications; this has been proven in Europe with a specialized diet which is used by thousands of people.  







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