Friday, August 15, 2014

I have diabetes: Why half the United States may have the disease

It is a common statement “I have diabetes”, in a new study it was revealed that almost half the people in the United States shockingly may be on their way to becoming diabetic. High blood sugar is the most potentially destructive illness of our time, it is a poison level of glucose which is living in the bloodstream; sadly people are only treating this with a weak sugar free diet.  A sugar free diet while good will not stop Type 2 diabetes, you must have a healing diet to get normal blood sugar and few people know how to do this.


Are you healing your body from diabetes?


Artificial sweeteners cannot heal a diabetic’s body, stopping sugar may be helpful but this is not enough to heal the body.


 All the diet sodas and sugar free foods in the world will not heal the body of high blood sugar, eliminating sugar will not give you a normal blood sugar, the right combination of healing food will but few doctors will actually tell you this.   Most doctors are going to put you on a diabetic drug, the diabetic drug companies combined to rake in over 30 billion dollars over the last 5 years. 



When we cut right to the heart of the matter, high blood sugar means that your pancreas is giving out, the pancreas may not be producing enough healthy insulin and this means big health troubles.   When your cells become resistant to insulin, it causes poisoning levels of sugar to flood into your bloodstream; this is what millions of people are experiencing.


The end result is



Diabetic blindness

Kidney failure

Heart disease

Leg amputation



The diabetes crisis is not stopping; the increase is due to the fact that people simply don’t know how to heal the body from high blood sugar. No diabetic drug can heal the body from diabetes.




Over 10,000 people lost a foot or a hand to diabetes last year according to the Center for Disease Control yet too many are content with making a sugar free diet the extent of their diet plan, you must go further than this.  If you are not on a healing diet you are not doing enough to stop the illness.


People in over 17 countries have obtained a normal blood sugar without drugs, but healing the body with a very specialized diet. This diet is now included together with the only European diet shown to save the feet from high blood sugar.


Both reports may be read together for first time






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