Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Diabetes, Stress and Depressed

Diabetes is linked to stress and depression, high blood sugar is a very powerful illness which affects every cell of the body; there is not one part of the body that does not receive punishment from high blood sugar. There are many who are stressed out and to make things worst they also live with high blood sugar, this is a dangerous combination. If you diabetes and are depressed with stress this can cause your blood sugar to rise and damage cells faster in he body.



How blood sugar and stress relate


Diabetes in an inflammatory illness, it causes malfunction on the cellular level, over time the affects of excessive blood sugar lead to heart failure and stroke; stress increases inflammation causing blood sugar to stay elevated.  A new study from the Institute of Epidemiology in Munich shows that stress has a direct relationship to the control of blood sugar.


The Study

When the researchers compared patients with their work stress results, they found those who were under most pressure were 45 percent more likely to have developed diabetes.

The findings – published by journal Psychosomatic Medicine - showed that even among workers with relatively healthy bodyweight, stress at work was still a significant risk factor.


Researcher Professor Karl-Heinz Ladwig who was involved in the study said: 'According to our  research roughly one in five people in employment is affected by high levels of stress at work.


Depression and diabetes


“Both are very common diseases,” says Leonid Poretsky, MD, director of the Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. “Diabetes can make depression worse because diabetes is chronic illness with a lot of worries.”


The bottom line is that stress and depressed are related to diabetes; both make diabetes worst.  It is best to think of diabetes as a poison level  of blood sugar which damages the cells of the body. The pancreas does a good job of trying to get the blood sugar down but the diabetic epidemic reveals that the pancreas is losing the fight. Your job is to get a normal blood sugar,  when this happens it means you are dumping that dangerous excessive blood sugar out the body.


Good news


One European diet is now used in over 17 countries to get a normal blood sugar wihtout drugs.  See here   Type 2 Diabetes Diet cure in 17 countries



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