Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is Splenda causing diabetes and weight gain? Researchers say maybe so

It is often recommended that people who have diabetes switch to artificial sweeteners but there are tons of research showing that artificial sweeteners may be harmful to not just diabetics but to all people. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to weight gain, larger waistlines and now diabetes. There are over 25 million people in the United States who are diabetic and the illness is increasing, there are over 75 million who are pre diabetic;what to eat is crucial to saving the body.

The danger of Splenda

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis discovered something that should be of concern to every diabetic and to those trying to lose weight, it has been shown that Splenda causes the body to produce insulin spikes and this is not good for a diabetic. In a person without diabetes insulin is raised after a meal and then the blood sugar goes back down to normal in a couple hours, but this is not the case with a diabetic. The diabetic has an over production of insulin, it is working overtime to remove the excess blood sugar, this leads to insulin resistant cells and pancreas “burn out”. Splenda is causing possibly “more” pancreas burnout by creating insulin spikes.

Our results indicate that this artificial sweetener (Splenda) is not inert – it does have an effect,” study researcher M. Yanina Pepino, Ph.D., research assistant professor of medicine at the university, said in a statement. “

Once again the diabetic has been lied to, the American Diabetes Association, which receives over 50 million dollars in “donations” is a proud sponsor of Splenda! What a surprise.

The diabetic wake up call

The message to diabetics is clear, take control of this illness with an insulin resistance diet and send the billion dollar drug-makers and charities packing. Diabetes is completely reversible without drugs. We have spreads the message about the dangerous of ALL artificial sweeteners for over 4 years, a diabetic should never consume anything artificial. Splenda, Equal and Sweet and low, they are all fake. Use real raw sugar in moderation, never drink a diet soda, it is poison in a bottle. 

Trying to lose weight? Not with Splenda

Dr. Pepino said in the statement. “We have shown that sucralose(Splenda) is having an effect(on the insulin). In obese people without diabetes, we have shown sucralose (Splenda) is more than just something sweet that you put into your mouth with no other consequences.”

The key to all weight loss is to use an insulin resistance diet, it is all you need, this has been proven in many studies. Why not free yourself from the chemicals and finally lose the weight. Only an insulin resistance diet has been shown to reverse body fat from food chemicals. This diet has worked in 17 countries


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