Monday, May 20, 2013

Can diabetes go away? Why everyone is at risk today

“Can diabetes go away” is a question everyone should be asking today, the illness is spreading fast in the United States and England, millions are losing the battle. A new study from the United Kingdom reveals a very distributing rise in the numbers of young people who have become diabetic, this is the most serious illness of our time, sadly, almost everyone knows someone who is diabetic today. Can diabetes go away? You will see in this post that it must go away if you are going to save your body from the damaging affects of high blood sugar.

Losing your body to an enemy

We will give a brief but extremely important  illustration of why high blood sugar is so damaging. Glucose is normally directed into the cells of the body by insulin and in a healthy person this system works perfectly, the cells accept the glucose and all is well. To make this simple..glucose belongs in the cells. Today, we have a startling problem, we are a generation of people with cells that resist the glucose, our cells are rejecting the glucose must go somewhere so it floods into the bloodstream and this is where all the damage occurs to your heart, liver, kidneys and limbs. It is this flood of glucose that leads to blindness and the loss of toes for a diabetic. You must get this flood of glucose removed, you must heal the body of high blood sugar. 

Look at the picture again..The Glucose on the left has to go somewhere and that somewhere is in your bloodstream and the consequences are deadly! 

Being insulin resistant was once a rare occurrence but this is not the case not today, we are an insulin resistant people who have constant glucose flooding the bloodstream instead of going in the cells, this is happening for the first time in a record numbers of children and young people. If you live in the world today you must protect yourself against diabetes, this is not an option.  Can diabetes go away? It must!

The effects of glucose in the bloodstream

Excessive Glucose(sugars) in the bloodstream is a poison, it may be best to think of high blood sugar as actually "living with a flood of poison glucose in the bloodstream"

1.Diabetic Blindness: The poison high glucose invades the small blood vessels of the eyes causing blurry vision and lost of eyesight. Diabetic blindness has risen 300% in the last 10 years.

Here is what the excessive glucose did  to the leg of one diabetic! 

Young  and old in the United States and much of the UK are losing the fight to glucose, if you are living with high blood sugar do not wasting time; you must do something about it.

Can diabetes go away? It can be only with a specialized healing diet

The Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism released an stunning report that shows high blood sugar has been booming in young men over the past 15 years

We have known for some time that the incidence of new cases and prevalence of the total number of people of type 2 diabetes has been increasing in the UK,” says Professor Craig Currie from Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, who led the research.

Early onset of type 2 diabetes could result in longer disease duration and lead to an increased risk of developing health complications,” according to Currie.

Over 26 million in the United States live with this poison high level of glucose in the bloodstream and drinking a diet soda is not going to help reverse the illness. Only a insulin resistance diet will protect you or reverse this illness.  Can diabetes go away? Yes...

A diet created in Europe by filmmakers has been reversing high blood sugar in thousands of people and creating a normal blood sugar without medications.  This is not a simple sugar free diet but a natural healing diet that simply works for thousands. 

 Over 80% of people who lost a limb could have saved it had they addressed the problem immediately, This was revealed by Dr.Chavez in Argentina    

Can Diabetes go away? Yes

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