Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What should a diabetic eat?

What should a diabetic eat is a question asked by many who live with high blood sugar, there are many misconceptions as to what is good. The problem with the typical diabetes diet is that it does not reverse the illness. There is a very good reason why most diets do very little to reverse the high glucose problem. What should a diabetic eat? The only food to eat with diabetes are those which remove insulin resistance.

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance use to be very uncommon but today it is a very common problem

This is what insulin resistance does

  1. Causes your body to hold fat
  2. High Blood sugar
  3. Disrupts concentration and mental function
  4. Increases belly fat and waistline

What should a diabetic eat

Insulin resistance is why you cannot lose weight, you do not have to have diabetes to be insulin resistance, in fact the majority of people who cannot lose weight have insulin resistant cells.

Insulin is good and it removes fat

When you are healthy your body has good insulin that removes the damaging sugar in the bloodstream and you stay thin. The cells respond well to insulin and the sugar is removed. Today we have an obesity problem, the cells resist insulin, in other words our the cells are insulin resistance! This causes belly fat, weight gain and diabetes. We have more insulin resistance children than at anytime in history today. When you reverse insulin resistant cells the fat and weight drops off. What should a diabetic eat? Your food must be food that reverses insulin resistance. A diabetic diet benefits everyone even those without diabetes, it is the way of the slim.

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