Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dieting but still fat: What did they put in your food

The conclusion is that we are all dieting but still fat. The recent statistic from the World Health Organization has concluded what we all seem to known and that is the numbers of people over weight is growing not slowing down. Obesity is a crisis in the Western world as the American way of eating is now effecting Asia and Mexico. We are basically dieting but still fat and this is leading to a host of health problems.

Starting in the womb?

Researchers at prestigious Harvard University showed that obesity can start in the womb, if the mother is overweight it can set the child up for obesity as early as age 3. The researchers showed that overweight mothers were giving birth to babies who were “set up” for obesity later as a child. They stated

We’re learning that factors that occur at early developmental stages, when so many things are changing, can have lifelong consequences,” said Dr. Matthew Gillman, the director

We are dieting but still fat but why?

We have shown on this site that the cause of weight gain and the inability to drop the pounds are directly related to food chemicals, do not believe the lie of “low calories” and “low carbs” to fight obesity, this may do a little but it does not address the root causes. The food today has changed, what we have in the supermarket today is a food filled with chemicals that did not exist 40 years ago. The mothers are transferring these food chemicals to the child in the womb. The FDA stance has been that we have no proof that the dangerous chemicals to harm over the long term. They do not doubt that food chemicals are dangerous but they do not believe it hurts you in the long run. This is the game being played with your life. Dr. Johannson showed that an insulin resistance diet reversed the damage from food chemicals and people with or without diabetes loss weight. If you are dieting and still fat, it is probably insulin resistance from food chemicals.

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