Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Type 2 diabetics should not eat... A shocking answer

If you wondering  what Type 2 diabetics should not eat is a very important issue. It must be stated that reversing diabetes should be the most important goal in your meal plan. There are foods that do great harm to the person with high blood sugar. This site is the best for true high glucose information that heals the body. If you are wondering what type 2 diabetics should not eat, the answer is becoming clearer to researchers.

What is a diet soda?

A diet soda may seem like a good thing but it may be the worst thing for a diabetic or a person trying to lose weight. Diet soda has been shown to do great harm to the body. In fact, Texas researchers showed that diet soda caused POT bellies. The more of the beverage you drank the larger your waistline. Goodbye six pack abs. Here is the research that should make you think twice the next time you think about drinking diet soda . What Type 2 diabetics should not eat... Read on

Professor Helen Hazuda, of the University of Texas’s health science centre, said diet sodas and artificial sweeteners may foster a sweet tooth, distort appetite and even damage key brain cells.

Diet Soda is sweet and the brain knows that sweet should have calories with it. The Diet Soda does not have calories so it causes a problem in your brain cells. What happened? The brain told the body to HOLD the fat on the body!

The Sodas caused a 70% increase in waistline as compared to the non soda drinkers. Why did this happen? The study showed that the soda fooled your brain into thinking you were full by consuming the zero calories sodas, this caused the cells of the body to hold fat on the body because the brain thought there should have been calories with the sweetened beverages but diet soda had none. Basically, artificial things confuse the cells of the body and you get fatter. Still wondering what Type 2 diabetics should not eat? The answer is becoming clearer.


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