Friday, December 14, 2012

What is a good TYPE 2 Diabetes Diet? What you need to look for

When seeking a Type 2 diabetes diet knowing what is a good diet is very important
It may seem obvious but consider the facts, high blood sugar problems are speeding
up not slowing down. The illness is wrecking the bodies of people and shortening
lifespan. This is not an exaggeration it is the sad facts. What is a good Type 2 diabetes diet? 
The right answer can be the difference between healing or suffering.

There is no illness in the world today like high blood sugar. It literally alters the body cells. As excess 
glucose sits in the bloodstream there comes damage to the organs of
the body. Did you know that high blood sugar rips your kidneys everyday, forcing
many people into kidney failure and dialysis? The heart and liver are also flooded each day with high glucose leading to heart failure and diabetic stroke.  When we speak about what a good type 2 diabetes diet 

is we are talking about one that can reverse the damaging effects of the excess blood sugar. 
We are not speaking of a typical sugar free diet, they has never been shown to reverse
high blood sugar.

A sugar free diet cannot reverse high blood sugar. This is why since the use of
artificial sweeteners diabetes has increased to dramatic proportions. The reason
for this is because sugar does not causes diabetes, this is why artificial sweeteners
do not reverse high blood sugar. What is a good type 2 diabetes diet? A diet has been reversing the illness naturally in over 17 countries. See here Reverse Type 2 diabetes Today


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