Friday, December 7, 2012

What can I eat with Diabetes Type 2

What can I eat with type 2 diabetes is a common question and concerning. This is a very important issue; we will show you why it is critical that you pick the right foods to beat this illness. This is a very serious illness and never let anyone tell you that it is not. You only get one body and knowing what to eat with type 2 diabetes can make the different between reversing the illness or not

Why HFCS matters and what is it

HFCS is High fructose corn syrup. It is a very dangerous chemical that many people think is sugar. In fact, the makers of this chemical would like you to believe that it is just another harmless sweetener. HFCS is in almost everything that you eat. It is added to muffins, cakes, bread, cookies, and even soda. It is not a good thing. This sweetener is used in a lot of diabetic foods and it is very dangerous. What to eat with Type 2 diabetes can make the different between healing or not.

The Diabetes dilemma

High blood sugar is increasing in much of the world; this illness is the worst disease to hit the mainstream public since AIDS. People are dying from high blood sugar. High glucose (sugar) can be a good thing but when levels are too high it is a poison to the cells of your body. It is extremely important to take this illness very serious and reverse it as quickly as possible. Follow this site daily; we will be giving you the best diabetic news to reverse the illness.  What can I eat with diabetes is a great question and with this site we will show you how to reverse the illness without drugs.  A diabetic diet has been reversing the illness naturally and drug free in over 17 countries, it simply works  See here Reverse Type 2 diabetes Today


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