Sunday, December 9, 2012

Diabetes chest pain and heart attack warning

Having Diabetes chest pain may signal a coming heart attack says health researchers in England. It is important to realize that high blood sugar is the most dangerous illness in the world today. This is not an exaggeration, there is no other illness that attacks every cells of the body like high blood sugar. Diabetes chest pain can be a heart attack warning.

The increase in heart disease was reported by
 the NHS's Health and Social Care Information Centre, the charity Diabetes UK and the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

The news is very bad in regards to high blood sugar. Having high glucose increases the risk of a heart attack by 48%. What this means is that millions of people are risking the health of their hearts with this illness. The diabetic must realize that blood sugar effects every cell of the body. High glucose is a poison to the cells of the body plain and simple.

What high blood sugar does to the heart

High blood sugar causes the heart to work harder. Normally when the heart pumps more blood to the vessels the vessels expand but this is not the case with diabetes. The heart works harder but the vessels do not open up and this can cause a heart attack. This was shown in patients with type 1 diabetes but type 2 diabetics also had impaired heart function. Diabetes chest pain and heart attack is a very serious warning. Please listen to your body and reverse this illness.

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