Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I have Pre diabetes, What should I do?

I have Pre diabetes what should I do? This is a question we received last week. When you are pre diabetic it is a warning sign that the pancreas is being overworked. It is also a very dangerous path to be on. I believe that the most important word with high blood sugar is time. Time is what destroys the diabetic. If you are saying “I have pre diabetes what should I do? This post is your wake up call to action.

Being on the borderline of high blood sugar is a warning that your pancreas (which is responsible for insulin) may be given out. It can also be a sign that the cells of your body are becoming insulin resistance. What this means is that the insulin is not causing the cells to remove the exist sugar. The cells are resistant. The bottom line is that the excess sugar in your bloodstream is not being removed and this can cause deep damage to your body.

Why is this so dangerous? It is so because living with this poison high glucose levels can mean the loss of your eyesight, kidneys and liver. I have Pre diabetes what should I do? Is a great question and the answer is to fight back!

Time is not on your side

Time is the diabetics worst enemy, every day you allow the poison high glucose to sit in the bloodstream you are risking the loss of your body parts. There is no illness that is as destructive as high blood sugar, it is a horrible thing to live with. This website offers the best diabetic information so you can stop the illness. We do not play around, we reveal the truth that this illness must be attacked right back from day one.

I have Pre diabetes, what should I do? Get rid of it.. A natural insulin resistance diet has stop the illness deug free in over 17 countries. See here Reverse Type 2 diabetes Today


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