Friday, December 21, 2012

I am Pre diabetic what should I eat? The answer

I am Pre diabetic what should I eat; this was one of the questions we received via email this week. We are the number one source of good diabetes information and we help you reverse the illness for good. Pre diabetes is scary because it is a signal of something going wrong in your body.  The email stated “I am Pre diabetic what should I eat” the question is a good one but first know what is happening in your body

Pre Diabetes and the overworked insulin

If you are borderline diabetic it means that your body is having a very hard time removing the very dangerous blood sugar from your bloodstream. It is critical to understand this process. Your pancreas is working hard to pump insulin into your blood to remove the poison high blood sugar but the pancreas is losing the battle, this is why your sugar level stays high. You do not want this as it will lead to damage to your organs. When this poison high blood sugar sits in your body the damage starts to your liver, heart, lungs and kidneys. The glucose will cause your organs to eventually fail. I am Pre diabetic what should I eat is a very serious question. We are speaking about saving your body.

Diabetes does not take a day off. As you live with the high glucose it robs your organs. This illness is casing record numbers of blindness, foot amputations and kidney failure, all because the poison high blood sugar is sitting in your bloodstream. What you want is a diet that can remove the poison high level of blood sugar naturally without drugs. There are few diets that can do this; the sugar free diet cannot do this, it has been a complete failure. What you want is a healing diet. I am Pre diabetic what should I eat? Eat what reverses the illness. Only Spirit Happy has done this in 17 countries.  


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