Thursday, March 26, 2015

Diabetes Drug side effects, Weight Gain, Actos

Diabetes drugs come with very dangerous side effects; Actos and Avandia are linked to thousands of heart attacks and loss of life. Most people are now aware that many drugs which lower blood sugar may be doing more harm than the illness, diabetic medications are very dangerous. Diabetes drugs side effects are now reported to be causing weight gain.

The diabetic medication Actos was recently shown to cause liver cancer, but the bad news does not end there; a published study in The Journal of Neuroscience says the drug is also linked to weight gain. The reason for the horrible and even deadly side effects of diabetic medications is because of the way the drugs react in the bloodstream, these high blood sugar medications “force” a lower blood sugar level. The “forced” lowering of blood sugar is not natural and it often ruins the heart valve. 

Actos and Avandia are diabetic medications which are classed as Thiazolidinediones, these drugs are often combined with other diabetic medications such as, glimmerpride or Metformin.  While many with type 2 diabetes are actually looking to lower bodyweight, these medications trigger the brain to do the opposite; the drugs cause weight gain, according to the study.

Researcher Johnny Garretson, study author and doctoral student in the Neuroscience Institute and Center for Obesity Reversal at Georgia State shared how these diabetic medications can cause more weight gain

"People taking these TZDs are hungrier, and they do gain more weight. This may be a reason why," Garretson said. "When they're taking these drugs, it's activating these receptors, which we believe are controlling feeding through this mechanism that we found. We discovered that activating these receptors makes our rodent animal model eat more and store more food for later” 

The diabetes medications side effects not only ruin the organs but increase brain demands for more food.

85% of people need no drugs to reverse type 2 high blood sugar

The plain fact of the matter is that most people have type 2 diabetes, which can be reversed with a healing diet NOT a sugar free diet.

Most people have been led to believe that by not eating sugar, this will produce a normal blood sugar but this may not be the case. Eliminating the sugar does not heal the body; it is only a very specific combination of certain foods which lead to a normal blood sugar without drug. Every other diet is a waste of time; unless you utilize a healing diet you will not get a normal blood sugar.

For 5 years and in over 17 countries people have been obtaining a normal blood sugar without medications by following a healing diet.


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