Thursday, December 4, 2014

What to do about Diabetes Vertigo, Dizziness

A woman with diabetes who was experiencing dizziness (vertigo) and mental confusion passed out on a major city street last week. One of the more dangerous aspects of high blood sugar is when a person does not know if their glucose is actually under control. There are more that 26 million people in the United States who are simply unaware that they are diabetic, not treating high blood sugar can lead to loss of life.  If you have diabetes and experience dizziness (vertigo), or any mental confusion it is a very serious warning, in this post we will explain how a healing diet is the only thing which can save the diabetic body.


Dizzy feeling


The woman who passed out on the street of a major city last week was discovered to have had a 356 glucose reading at the time of her incident! (She reportedly did not have anything to eat that morning). High blood sugar is the most dangerous illness of our modern time; there is simply no other illness that ruining the cells of the body, such as, excessive glucose. Please note that feeling dizzy from high blood sugar is often caused by dehydrate; diabetics often don’t drink enough water. In very serious cases dizziness can be a signal of diabetic related heart disease or even a warning of a coming stroke.  What should a person do about diabetes related dizziness (vertigo)? Always make sure the person is drinking a lot of water everyday, hydration is crucial to getting excessive sugars out the bloodstream; but the most important thing is to make sure you are using a healing diet! 


A sugar free diet is not a healing diet


There is a difference between people who reverse high blood sugar and those who do not; the difference is a healing diet.


People who are using a sugar free diet may think they are reversing high blood sugar but they are sadly mistaken; only a healing diet can reverse high blood sugar without drugs.  


A healing diet is a very precise combination of foods which are proven to reverse high blood sugar, when these very specific nutrients are combined they produce a synergy affect to reverse high blood sugar. It is the combinations of a very specific diet that can reverse diabetes.  Diabetes Dizziness (vertigo) is serious and should never be ignored, high blood sugar is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke and cancer; it is essential to use a healing diet to reverse the condition.  





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