Monday, November 10, 2014

Pre Diabetes and Fat, the truth

Pre Diabetes and all high blood sugar can be revered without any medications; dietary fat must be an important part of your diet plan. When used in the right way fats can be one of your greatest allies in getting a normal blood sugar, this is something that not many people are aware of. In this article we will reveal how Pre diabetes can be reversed and why you should have full diary fat in your diet.

There is no more misunderstood subject pertaining to weight loss and high blood sugar as when it comes to the issue of dietary fat. Fats have become an enemy to people today just because of the word… “Fat”.

No one wants to be overweight, so when we think of the word “fat” it has become associated with something negative, we can blame TV diet commercials.  One of the worst things for your health is television food commercials; this is because food marketers simply don’t care what they tell you as alone as you buy their product. Low-fat became a billion dollar industry because people watched thousands of hours of television food commercials promoting it, smiling actors telling you they became thin by eating “Low-fat”. The truth is if you have high blood sugar or Pre diabetes your body needs full fat diary not low fat.

Science says eat good fats

Science shows us that good fats like whole milk, whole fat yogurt, and whole fat cheeses are not only great for diabetics but also causes weight loss! Yes, full fat milks and cheese actually cause weight loss!

The proof

Cambridge University and the Medical Research Council studied an amazing 1/3 of a million people and discovered that whole dairy fats (not skim, low fat, or 2%) caused normal blood sugar. The full fats in the diary when used in moderation normalized the body.

“Our findings provide strong evidence that individual saturated fatty acids are not all the same,” said Dr. Nita Forouhi, the lead researcher from the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit at Cambridge University

Note from findings (Excessive red meats were not good but whole fats in diary were great)

Diabetics and those with pre diabetes need full diary fat in moderation, so much for all the low fat television ads with overpaid models that have never been overweight.

Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible with diet alone; no medications are needed for most people. The key is reversing diabetes is by combining the right targeted foods which work together to heal the body, this is what has worked for thousands of people in over 17 countries.

No one needs drugs to get a normal blood sugar, combine the right foods and diabetes goes away. 



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