Thursday, May 7, 2015

What can a diabetic eat? Cost of the illness soars

What can a diabetic eat which will help the control the high blood sugar? This is one of the more common questions we get on this site. Sadly, most people will spend thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the illness, and many with high blood sugar have no health insurance.  The cost of diabetes is sky high. What can a diabetic eat? This is a very good question. The key to controlling this illness is healing.

It is crucial for a person with a high blood sugar to utilize a healing diet, nothing else is better. A sugar free diet is not a healing diet. One of the most misunderstood factors about high blood sugar, is the fact that people still believe that a sugar free diet will control the illness. While a sugar free diet will not harm you, it will not help produce a normal blood sugar.

What is happening in the body?

  1. When the blood sugar level is continually high it is a signal that the pancreas is not operating correctly, it is being worn out. It is tired of pumping insulin in an attempt to lower blood sugar.

  1. The cells of the body have been worn out; the cells do not accept the good insulin resulting in constant sugar “glucose” floods into the bloodstream. This is how the diabetic loses the fight. This is what opens the door to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and loss of limbs. What can a diabetic eat may be the most important health question for the person with high blood sugar.

The alarming cost of Diabetes

The average person will spend more than $5,000 dollars a year to treat diabetes.

Last year more than $10,000 dollars was the cost for the average diabetes related kidney dialysis.

The costs are going higher! A new annual report released on Monday reveals the staggering increases that people with high blood sugar will pay.

How much the drug maker’s profit?

Each year the drug makers profit $7 billion dollars from the diabetics’ medications! These are incredible numbers! Yet the drugs often cause heart attacks, strokes and even death.

Last week Actos maker Tadeka agreed to pay back over $$$2 billion dollars from the damage done to so many diabetic’s hearts from the drug.

The whopping cost!

American Diabetes Association found that the total cost of diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. had risen 41 percent over the five-year period to $245 billion annually.

What should a diabetic eat? A healing diet is more powerful than any diabetes drug! We have revealed this in more than 17 countries. Thousands use a healing diet and produce a normal blood sugar.

The final cost of diabetes over the last 5 years as risen to $245 Billion dollars 

...yet a simple $20 dollar diet can give you the same normal blood sugar.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Diabetes Skinny or Fat the illness is still a danger

Many people are under the assumption that type 2 diabetes does not affect skinny people, regardless of weight the illness is a danger. A new study from Europe reveals that normal and skinny diabetics are at an increased risk of death! With over 28 million people in the United States who live with type 2 high blood sugar this study should be of grave concern. If you are skin with diabetes or even normal weight people pay attention to the new study.

Fat or thin, which is better?

The common assumption is that being overweight “causes” high blood sugar, this is erroneous thinking. High blood sugar is the most punishing illness of or modern time; excessive blood glucose literally distorts the cells of the body. It is important for the diabetic to view excessive blood sugar as a poison in the bloodstream. There is no other disease quite like diabetes, excess glucose in the bloodstream sets off a cascade of various dysfunctions which result in horrible consequences. New research from England now reveals that a diabetic’s weight play an important role how the illness affects death rate. Skinny and normal weight diabetics had higher death rates than overweight diabetics.

 University of Hull in England followed more than 10,000 people type-2 diabetes for more than 10 years
Although overweight and obese patients had an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, they were more likely to stay alive than normal-weight diabetics, the researchers reported in Annals of Internal Medicine

One of the lead researchers believes that normal weight people may have a more dangerous form of diabetes.  "It's likely those diabetic patients with normal weight have a more aggressive form of type-2 diabetes compared to those who are overweight and obese," Costanzo said.

This is the number one natural cure diabetes site in the world; this website is read in over 15 countries regularly. Our readers know that diabetes can be reversed with a healing diet, more than anything the diabetic need healing not drugs. Diabetic medications will never stop the illness; it does not address the underlying cause of the blood sugar rise. Skinny, normal, or overweight diabetics are at risk for early death because the illness is a poison.

Thousands of people have learned how to get a normal blood sugar level with one healing diet. We have the most popular diabetes cure diet in the world.  A sugar free diet will never give a normal blood sugar but our diabetes diet does. This has been proven in 17 countries.